About Randall

Randall Wilkens, Musician and Pastor

Randall Wilkens is a musician, pastor, and poet who lives in Mount Vernon, Washington. He received a D.M.A. in Organ Performance from the University of Kansas in 1990, where he studied with James Higdon. His other teachers have included Mary Ellen Sutton, Carl Staplin, and Guy Bovet, organ; David Harris and Susan Marchant, harpsichord. As a keyboard artist, Randall specializes in Baroque music and traditional hymnody, but his musical interests are not limited to those types of music. For many years he has been involved in the contemporary worship movement, treasuring the freedom of the Spirit that has been evident there. Randall's heart has been to step away from "worship wars" and bring these two diverse sides of his musical personality together in his work as a church musician and pastor. He shares an understanding of music with his wife Bonnie, who is a professional violinist, music instructor, and tea aficionado. Randall and Bonnie have two grown children, their daughter Joanna and their son Malik.